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Film Festival

A celebration of South Africa's multicultural and dynamic emerging film talent

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Film Festival


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Logo Design,

Festival Branding,

Collateral Design


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Producing a doctoral thesis is impressive, writing one entirely in isiXhosa is next level. We set out to celebrate the 10 year anniversary since Nelson Mandela University began awarding isiXhosa PhD's by transforming the 7 isiXhosa doctoral theses produced so far, into something more accessible.

The timing of the project coinciding with the UN's International Year of Indigenous Languages meant we could explore an indigenous aesthetic, which helped give birth to the idea of crowning the African mind. By creating an intersection between African academia and aesthetic, we turned indigenous knowledge into a form that makes high-level scholarship as accessible as a piece of cloth.

2019 Pendoring Awards: 

1 x Gold, Design Mixed Media

1 x Craft Certificate, Typography

1 x Craft Certificate, Writing for Design

2019 MACE Awards:

1 x Platinum Award (Category winner) for Campaigns

1 x Bronze Award for Design for Printed Media

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